Why I Don’t Follow My Own Advice

I’m an advocate for conscious living and for accepting what the life experience brings. So why don’t I follow my own advice?


I do follow my own advice — just not all the time. And why not? Because it’s very easy to revert to old patterns of living.

But I’ve learned something…

Using and studying the ho’oponopono method over the years, I’ve discovered that even very experienced ho’oponopono practitioners fall into an unconscious existence — sometimes a lot!

Living in the past or future, judging, blaming, resisting life as it comes. Look, when you are conditioned to live one way and have been living this way for a period of time, it becomes ingrained and isn’t easy to change.

And that’s okay.

Two things are important to bear in mind. First, don’t go into a state of resistance if and when there’s a revert to old living patterns.

I’m doing it again! When will I stop doing this! I’m never going to change!

Taking this approach only empowers the processes you’re trying to move away from. Accept as it happens — with no accompanying judgments whatsoever — that you have gone back to old patterns. I’m back to old patterns. And let that be the end of it. Don’t return to it over and over again.

The second thing to bear in mind is this: With each awareness that you are back to old patterns of living, the light of being shines a bit brighter. Consciousness grows. The very act of awareness about reverting is actually a step away from the old patterns.

It’s progress.

I revert to old patterns of living regularly. And then I notice that I’ve reverted, I acknowledge and am aware of it, and I go back to consciousness and acceptance. My acknowledgement and awareness of reverting expands my circle of consciousness, if you will, and the energy that is truly me surfaces all the more.

What may have initially been considered failure has become success.