Why Doesn’t The Law Of Attraction Work For Me?

There may be a variety of reasons for why the Law of Attraction doesn’t show results that we would like it to. Having said that, I believe a fundamental reason for lack of success with Law of Attraction has to do with subconscious resistance. Let me explain…

Having more money is a frequent Law of Attraction goal. But even though we may consciously desire more money, even desire it strongly, we have subconscious programming in place that is incongruous with having more money. For instance, we may have subconscious programming that considers the desire for money to be immoral or spiritually improper. Or we may have subconscious programming that states we don’t deserve money because we are somehow inadequate.

We may have subconscious programming that states acquiring money is extremely difficult; or that money is rare and unusual to come by. We may, in fact, carry myriad subconscious programming that is at odds with our conscious desire for more money. Some readers may doubt that subconscious programming is actually working against them, but it is my experience that this phenomenon is not only legitimate but also extremely common.

This conflict between conscious desire and subconscious programming is significant because the subconscious is far more powerful, and influential, than the conscious mind is. Consider how much of our activity each day is on autopilot and mostly a function of subconscious direction: we shower, we get dressed, we prepare for our day, we drive our cars or otherwise get to our destinations, and we don’t have to focus intently on much, if any, of it. Our subconscious moves us through each process, typically without a hitch.

And none of the examples above consider the subconscious functions of our physical bodies, such as breathing, heart rate, digestion, waste secretion, and many other functions. How powerful must the subconscious be to do all of this stuff, and to do it essentially automatically? The subconscious is powerful, remarkably so, and when this powerful force is pushing opposite of something — such as money accumulation — it is a big push indeed.

If there is conflict between a conscious desire and subconscious programming, manifesting the conscious desire via Law of Attraction will be exceptionally difficult and even impossible. If, however, we are able to change subconscious programming so that it’s no longer at odds with our conscious mind desires — and even in agreement with these desires — then Law of Attraction is essentially unimpeded and manifestation can kick into high gear.

Is it possible to change subconscious programming so that it’s no longer pushing opposite of our conscious desires? I believe that we can change subconscious programming in this way, and the most effective way for doing it that I’m aware of is meridian energy therapy (meridian energy therapy involves stimulating meridian points on the body through touch). Meridian energy therapy — EFT is one form of meridian energy therapy — has been demonstrated to show remarkable physical and emotional healing effects, including the reduction of negative or defeatist thinking… subconscious thought (subconscious programming) included.

I recommend practicing conscious presence — or the power of now, as Eckhart Tolle famously termed it — in conjunction with using meridian energy therapy. The two in combination are an extremely effective means for life improvement across the board. See the Bruce Lipton work The Wisdom Of Your Cells for more about the influence of subconscious programming.

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