Why Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction is a fairly new label for intentional manifestation, the notion — and it’s a notion that dates back to earliest history — that a person can create physical life circumstances through mental focus. If the Law of Attraction is valid, and I believe it is, a natural question is how can it possibly work?

This is a good and also important question, and the answer is found in identity.

In the book I Am That spiritualist Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj provides the following insight about identity (paraphrased): We think of ourselves as a physical form that has consciousness; in fact, we are consciousness with a physical form.

Consider this statement for a moment, and then ponder the difference between the two descriptions provided: a physical form with consciousness versus consciousness with a physical form. One description implies something very limited and the other is infinite awareness — this presence is sometimes referred to as ‘Spirit’ or ‘God’ — moving through the dimension called life on earth in a physical form.

The majority of people believe themselves to be the former description: a physical form that has consciousness. From this orientation humans are very limited beings moving through, and being acted upon by, a large and often hostile environment. Coming from this place, being able to create a physical reality through mental focus is impossible — and so intentional manifestation, aka the Law of Attraction, is impossible.

This is why the Law of Attraction is so often criticized. As most people see it, the Law of Attraction cannot be valid because it is simply not possible.

But the Law of Attraction is absolutely possible when it’s not a mere physical being that’s manifesting outcomes, but infinite awareness that’s doing it. The world at large in fact is made from infinite awareness — without awareness there is nothing — and when manifestation happens it is actually awareness moving itself. In truth awareness moves itself constantly, and it often happens through our direction… only we are not aware of it.

Humans direct awareness constantly, but we typically do it without full consciousness. How does this happen? Through thinking and mental focus. Most of our thought and focus is entirely subconscious — one way to frame this is that we are typically asleep at the wheel — where it bubbles up from the ego and is very often negative. This thought and focus often complains about the way things are, our finances, our health, our social life — things are so bad!

And awareness moves, according to this focus. Awareness does not edit our focus for us, does not discriminate between good and bad: we are free to focus as we choose. This is referenced in statements like We create our own Heaven and Hell.

Yes, we do.

If we’re ready to leave self-imposed Hell then we can begin consciously telling a story of Heaven (which will naturally change our thinking and focus). Every day, for thirty minutes a day at least, tell the story of our life not as it is, or as we think it is, but as we want it to be.

Let me state this again for emphasis: Tell the story of your life not as it is, or as you think it is, but as you want it to be. Tell this story in the present tense — not I want to have but I have. Write the story out and read it aloud twice a day: once in the morning and once at night.

This is one way to enact the so-called Law of Attraction…

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