What Is The Disappearance Of The Universe About?

The Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary Renard, is a self-help work essentially. But it’s quite unlike most any other self-help work.

What is The Disappearance of the Universe about? It’s about ending human suffering through the one means, according to the work, that this can be done: by ending the separation between us and God. And yet The Disappearance of the Universe is not a (traditional) religious work. Is this a contradiction?

It really isn’t.

The Disappearance of the Universe can be fairly described, I believe, as an explanation of A Course In Miracles. For those who may be partially, or entirely, unfamiliar with A Course In Miracles it is a spiritual study guide that was supposedly dictated by Jesus himself during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Yes, that Jesus. And it’s something legitimate that should be taken seriously? How seriously one should take it is up for individual interpretation but A Course In Miracles is considered, at least by the people who study it, to be an entirely legitimate guide for living — and, for the record, I agree with this notion.

The Disappearance of the Universe is an insight about, and an interpretation of, A Course In Miracles. And this is not insignificant because A Course In Miracles isn’t an easy read. Where there’s confusion then about A Course In Miracles, and there often is, The Disappearance of the Universe provides much clarity.

The fundamental message of A Course In Miracles, according to The Disappearance of the Universe, is that we believe ourselves to be separate from God, to be on our own, but this is a false reality. Our true reality is that we are one with God and in Heaven right now. The experience we have of life, as a self within the life experience, is a false reality and is the equivalent of an illusion or a dream.

A bad dream, as it turns out, which explains the hardship and sufferings so many of us come up against on a regular basis. Those of us who, at times, look to the heavens and ask ‘Why God?’ the answer to this call is your problems aren’t real — it’s a dream experience, wake up and know your true experience, with God, now.

The life experience as a dream of separation away from God raises many questions — and these questions are, I believe, thoroughly considered and answered within The Disappearance of the Universe — and also, for many, raises much doubt and skepticism. This is understandable, particularly because there is such widespread trust of the physical senses.

A near universal belief seems to be that if our senses, and especially if more than one of our senses, perceives something then that something is real. If our senses don’t perceive something then it is false. This overlooks the reality that our senses are fooled constantly by, at the least, the appearance of various solid matter which is actually mostly empty space moving in rapid motion. Be that as it may…

If there is skepticism about the subject matter within The Disappearance of the Universe then that is ultimately for the individual to deal with, as they see fit. One option is to reject the work; another option is to proceed despite the skepticism. The most important consideration of all however is whether the work helps to improve living.

My answer for that is, unequivocally, yes. I believe that The Disappearance of the Universe provides profound insights and applying what it teaches creates equally profound changes. Will this be your experience as well?

As I often say within this website, try it and see for yourself.

(Find The Disappearance of the Universe Here.)