What Causes Depression? (See Infographic Below)

I’ve written a number of articles, within this blog, about the most common root cause of depression: our very own thinking. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so perhaps the infographic below can clarify even more the relationship between thinking and depression, for those readers who have an interest.

Note: While this inforgraphic considers depression specifically, the relationship exists between thinking and ALL forms of emotional distress. In other words the described process below is the root of every emotional distress, whether it’s called depression, anxiety, stress, or something else.

What Causes Depression

Thinking is essential to having an experience of emotional suffering and, even more importantly, to ending emotional suffering. Changing thinking is key. The observation of our thinking that’s discussed near the end of the infographic above is a fundamental means for changing thinking and represents as well, I believe, a critical starting point for all emotional healing: unconscious thinking is not likely to be changed.

There are various means for changing thinking so that emotional healing takes place. My ebook Handbook For A Better Life discusses a number of different options. You can also browse the Recommended Resources page of this website for other thought healing approaches.