The Zero State And The Now

I’ve been a ho’oponopono advocate for a time now, and I find the method to be quite helpful. But until fairly recently there was something within ho’oponopono teachings that I didn’t grasp. A common ho’oponopono reference is to zero state, or just zero. Zero state, it is said, is where the benefits, the rewards if you will, of ho’oponopono lie.

Zero is where inspiration is. Zero is where help is. Zero is where God is. Be at zero.

There’s even a mainstream book about ho’oponopono called Zero Limits. But the precise definition of zero always seemed rather vague to me. As it relates to the ho’oponopono concept of zero I’d heard references to “nothing”, to “void”, to “silence”. What, exactly, did this mean?

The I came across the teachings of conscious living and it crystallized.

Zero is the now. What is the now? This moment. The present. Not the future, not the past, but here and now.

The teachings of ho’oponopono and conscious living are, in effect, saying the same thing. Find salvation from pain and suffering, from difficult and unhappy living, by remaining present. Each perspective also advocates, and teaches, dissolving karmic energies — ho’oponopono achieves this through mantra, conscious presence through presence — but all roads move through the now.

Two powerful methods for peaceful living teach that living in the now, consciously remaining in the present moment, are essential, though they may use different terminology to express this. There must be something to it.

There certainly is.