The Tapping Solution Book Review

The Tapping Solution – A Revolutionary System For Stress-Free Living is, essentially, an EFT manual. I say essentially because within The Tapping Solution the process is often referred to as “tapping” rather than EFT. I’m not sure why this distinction is made — perhaps for copyright reasons? — but the descriptive in The Tapping Solution, as far as I can tell, is based upon EFT exactly.

The Tapping Solution – A Revolutionary System For Stress-Free Living comes from Nick Ortner, one of the creators of the documentary The Tapping Solution. The Tapping Solution documentary, which chronicles a group of people treating a variety of dilemmas by using EFT (or tapping if one prefers), has made a fairly significant impact. This impact is likely what led to Ortner writing a book on the subject of tapping.

The Tapping Solution book is much more of a training resource than The Tapping Solution documentary. In the book Ortner describes how to apply EFT (EFT can be reasonably categorized as a form of meridian energy therapy) to a host of life challenges, including physical and emotional health, relationships, professional achievement, and financial difficulties. Can EFT really be applied to, and resolve, all of these issues?

Ortner obviously believes so and offers his experiences as an EFT healing practitioner, and also his own personal life experiences, as evidence for EFT’s effectiveness for many — any? — dilemmas. I found Ortner’s tales of success, for his clientele and perhaps especially for himself, to be inspiring. Ortner is clearly a big advocate and cheerleader for EFT, and his enthusiasm is infectious. As one moves through The Tapping Solution an eagerness to try EFT on various problems, and a real hope that problems can and will be solved with EFT, can arise.

But is this legitimate thinking?

Is EFT, or tapping, really the miracle solution that Ortner seems to claim? I believe EFT, and more specifically meridian energy therapy, is a help for life problems across the board and I strongly advocate its use.

If I do take issue with The Tapping Solution book it’s that Ortner presents a singular way for carrying out meridian energy therapy, which always includes a so-called set up statement and finger tapping (other meridian energy therapies allow for no set ups and touch instead of finger tapping: see my ebook The Meridian Energy Therapy Manual for more).

I’ve also found that meridian energy therapy can take weeks and even months to show optimal therapeutic — and lasting — results where within The Tapping Solution book Ortner seems to emphasize how fast of a solution EFT is. In some cases EFT and other meridian energy therapies may work very quickly, and they do tend to give fast relief from pain and suffering, but full healing — especially for long standing problem issues — can take more time. This time frame is still much faster than most other therapies, and noticeable improvement tends to occur along the way, but expect to put in some time and regular effort to experience optimal results with EFT and / or other meridian energy therapies.

Overall however The Tapping Solution book is a quite good resource for meridian energy therapy in the form of EFT. Find the Tapping Solution Here.