The Single Source

Spiritualist Ram Dass once had a business debate with his father. Dass was selling an audio he created for its actual cost — there was no profit margin included. Dass’ father, successful in business, was stunned by this. How could Dass deny himself a payout for his works?

Dass’ reply to his father, more or less, was to say that seeking a payout in this case would be to profit off his closest relations.

What did he mean by this?

Dass was speaking to spiritual nondualism, which is to say that all of existence is connected by actually being the same. Here’s an analogy that may help explain this:

One fountain spouts water in one way, another fountain spouts water very differently. But the output for both fountains, and for all fountains, is the same…


Similarly, the source for all of existence is an expression of Divine Intelligence, or consciousness, or God, or however one wants to refer to this presence. When you look at some form of existence and you look at yourself, you are actually looking at the same thing. Yes, the forms are different and it’s sometimes uncertain whether conscious awareness has emerged from them (in the case of humans it typically has not) but the unchanging and unchangeable foundation of the form is always the same.

It is Divine Intelligence.

This is the thing that is always there, that will never fade or die, and so is true reality. All external perceptions will ultimately fall to the side but Divine Intelligence never will, and it is the antithesis of external form because the passing of time does not weaken or diminish it.

This presence is you, and is all of existence. Behind it all, all of it, is this presence. It is you and it is all.

Ho’oponopono speaks to this through a declaration of 100% responsibility. Within ho’oponopono, when you look beyond yourself for resolution (to whatever) you are looking into a void. There is no beyond you. You are the whole. So if something should come up you can be certain that is not outside of you — ever.

This goes for the suffering of other forms too. There is no suffering that is beyond you. This is not to say that you are directly responsible for all suffering, but there is no suffering for which you have no obligation. Because all suffering is, ultimately, happening to you.

What to do about this obligation? Do as Jesus said: ‘Heal thyself.’


Let Divine Intelligence emerge through you. Connect with that part of yourself that contains all of the peace and care that there is. As you emerge into genuine wellness (through enlightenment) so will all become enlightened and well — because you are all that there is.