The Power Of Now And The Law Of Attraction

The Power of Now, or presence, and the Law of Attraction, or intentional manifestation, are two popular methods for enhancing the life experience. But are they, in fact, incompatible?

The Power of Now is actually the title of a book written by Eckhart Tolle. The Power of Now advocates living life within the present moment — not mentally focused upon the past or the future. This sort of a present moment life approach is in reality quite rare: most people are typically engaged in mind activity that puts them into a past or future experience, a habit that tends to result in emotional suffering. Tolle’s teachings to remain grounded in the present moment then is helpful, and also healthful, advice.

The Law of Attraction is a belief system that states, essentially, we attract what we experience, and this attraction is created through mental focus. An experience of financial lack then is brought on by a consistent mental focus on lack. To change this experience of financial lack we must first change our mental focus to one of financial abundance. This new focus will, eventually, produce a matching life experience of financial abundance.

On consideration it may appear that there is an inherent conflict between the Power of Now and the Law of Attraction as the Power of Now advocates remaining grounded in present moment awareness of what is, while Law of Attraction emphasizes focus on what we want to be — and this is not necessarily what is. For instance, a case of poor physical health might be approached quite differently by the two methods.

The Power of Now would emphasize focus on each moment as it is, no matter what circumstances might be brought up by our poor health: we would be mentally there for whatever may happen. From a Law of Attraction perspective we would not focus on being ill but instead on being well (assuming our desire is to be well). In this sense we might deny, or at least not give conscious focus to, any illness that was presently occurring.

If one were to summarize all of this it might be that the Power of Now emphasizes focus on whatever is, where the Law of Attraction emphasizes focus not on what is but on what is wanted.

There are people, myself included, who advocate both the Power of Now as well as the Law of Attraction. If one has a clear preference for one or the other, any conflict between the two is a non-issue. But what about those instances where we want to implement both?

We may want to keep our mental focus on the now and be clear of the emotional anguish of living in past or future, but we’d also like to manifest a different life than we’re presently experiencing. Is there a way to reconcile these two desires?

One simple solution is to spend a period of time each day practicing Law of Attraction by focusing on an end we hope to achieve. For example, if we want to experience greater financial abundance then we can take some time every day — say two fifteen minute intervals, one interval in the morning perhaps and then one at night — mentally focusing upon having greater financial abundance. During this exercise we aren’t inhabiting a now that our senses tell us actually is; we are inhabiting a now that we would like to experience.

I am financially abundant. When we implement Law of Attraction we are not expressing and focusing upon our desires as some future outcome — I will be financially abundant — we are expressing and focusing upon our desires as a present reality — I am financially abundant.

After this period of Law of Attraction focus we return to present moment awareness — the Power of Now. Some readers will wonder if such a limited period is enough for Law of Attraction to actually work: they will be concerned whether this represents enough of an investment. Shouldn’t I spend more time, effort, etc? This amounts to being stuck behind ego chatter, and therefore away from our genuine Spirit essence. The antidote to this is a commitment to present moment awareness, where the ego does not thrive.

For the record, a focused intentional manifestation effort — practicing the Law of Attraction — done on a consistent basis will ultimately demonstrate results. It is not necessary, and is also not possible, to spend every waking moment focusing on a manifestation desire. Commit to spending some time each day practicing intentional manifestation and beyond this make a commitment to remaining present, and positive experiences will follow.

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