The Power Is Within You By Louise Hay: Book Review

I enjoyed The Power Is Within You, found it to be a helpful work, and recommend it. The Power Is Within You, written by well-known spiritualist Louise Hay, is, essentially, a consideration of the power of mental focus.

In The Power Is Within You Hay discusses the transformation of her own life once she made a commitment to changing her mental focus from unconscious negativity to a positive and affirming conscious focus. Hay had a difficult early life and became conditioned to focus upon the world, and herself, in a quite pessimistic way. As it happened her life experience matched this focus, and Hay ultimately found life to be harsh and unhappy.

When Hay was introduced to the notion that the human life experience is created, to a significant extent, through mental focus she made an intentional effort to have a more positive, and more self-loving, outlook. From this effort, over time, Hay says her life transformed into a peaceful, joyous experience.

There may be an inclination to be dubious about Hay’s story, but her life provides evidence for her claims. Hay is a successful author, speaker, and publisher of spiritual help materials. Hay is well-known and well-regarded in the spiritual New Age community. She says all of this came about, in large part, from consciously changing her mental focus.

I personally find Hay, and her claims, believable. Hay is not the only voice claiming mental focus brings about positive life change. This is a message that has been repeated often, and has a quite long history.

Aside from using her own life as proof of the validity of the power of mental focus, Hay discusses in The Power Is Within You how one might use a positive mental focus to change their own life. Hay’s preferred tool for changing one’s focus is affirmations.

Affirmations are simply statements to the self that have a positive message. This message may be loving, or optimistic, or reassuring, or whatever else. Hay states, rightly so I believe, that most of us are already engaged in affirmations but that these affirmations are typically negative.

These negative affirmations may deliver a message of personal inadequacy or pessimism or danger, or something else that’s equally unpleasant and unhappy. The consistent repetition of these negative affirmations, according to Hay and others, solidifies into an experience. If one wants to change their life experience then the effort should start with the end of negative affirmations and the beginning of positive ones.

The Power Is Within You comes across as somewhat touchy-feely at times but the basic message is quite important: change your life by changing your mental focus. This is a message that not everyone will accept but for those who are willing to at least give it consideration, The Power Is Within You is a worthwhile resource.

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