The Only Problem

Within the life experience there really is only one problem. And calling it a problem is probably mislabeling it. It’s a challenge.

Better yet, it’s a purpose…

There are no money problems. There are no physical health problems. No mental health problems. No problems in relationships. No other sorts of problems.

There is only the ego – sometimes referred to as the intellect, or the id. It’s the part of you that you’ve likely come to identify as you, but is not you at all.

It’s the voice. The stream of internal chatter that goes on and on and on and on…

It’s blocking the Light within you, keeping you in darkness, making you believe that you have “problems”.

You don’t have problems. You have an ego that’s gone out of control.

Welcome to the club.

On Earth there are billions of egos gone out of control, and then there are those egos not gone entirely out of control but in the process of coming into ease — I would fit within this category — and then there are egos at ease and serving their intended purpose, a small but growing group.

What is the ego’s intended purpose? To experience conscious enlightenment. To put this another way, the job of the ego is to experience authentic self identity, to experience identity as it was created to be — peaceful, content, blissful, whole and complete. This is your genuine identity, and the genuine identity of all created.

Your genuine identity is not an experience of worry, of fear, of pain and suffering, of anger and resentment, of lack. These experiences are not actual experiences at all — they are thoughts, the toxic output of an ego out of control.

Listen to your internal chatter. Listen to that voice “in your head”. Listen as it takes you into the past, or into the future. Listen as it tells you that your life experience should be different than it actually us. Listen to what this chatter says.

I’m in danger! I’m in trouble! This is not fair! This is awful! I need more! I need more now! I’m suffering! How dare they do this! How dare they do this to me! I’m being disrespected! I’m under attack! I need to do something about being under attack like this! This so awful! I can’t handle this! It’s hopeless! I’m not happy — and I should be! My life shouldn’t be this way — it should be this way instead!

And perhaps the most pervasive, and toxic, thought of all:

Everything will be okay if (fill in the blank) happens!

Why is this thought so toxic? Because it pulls you away from authentic peace and contentment, which is only ever found in one place.

Now. Right now.

You don’t have to look for your treasure. You don’t have to take extraordinary measures to acquire it. You’ve already got it. All you have to do is be where it is. And it is now.

It is not in the past, ever, and it is not in the future, ever. It is now. Right now. Be where it is, and you will experience it.

But the ego out of control is blocking now. It is telling you to live in the past or in the future, where nothing exists but suffering or phantom joy. Why phantom joy? Because the past and future do not exist. Past and future are thinking. Now is actual, is all there is, and will always be all there is.

There is nothing but now, and there never will be. But blessed are we all because now is where genuine bliss resides, and that is where we too reside.

Here and now.