The Best Way To Use The Law Of Attraction?

In a previous post, How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For Me?, I expressed how the Law of Attraction (or intentional manifestation, as I often refer to it) is actually a process of two elements with similar vibrational energies being brought together. If we want to attract something with a high vibrational energy, or a high vibrational score if one prefers to think of it in this way, then we must have a similar vibrational energy or score to that thing we want to attract.

We typically cannot have a lower vibration and attract elements with a higher vibration. (I believe that we ourselves assign, mostly subconsciously, the vibrational scores of the elements within our life experience; see How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For Me? for more.) If this is true, that we cannot attract high vibrations from a low vibration, the obvious task is to raise our vibration so that the high vibration goodies we’d like to have will attract to us.

Can we actually raise our vibration in this way? If so, how?

I believe that we can raise our vibration, and in the process be in vibrational alignment with those things that we’d like to have and experience. This is simple to do, really anyone can do it, but it is not easy. In fact it may be one of the most difficult things you will ever do. Life teacher Emmet Fox essentially said that changing one’s vibration in this way is the hardest undertaking that there is; he also said that once it’s been done, the rewards will be almost beyond description.

Whether Emmet Fox was right about it being the hardest undertaking there is, changing our vibration can be exceptionally challenging and it takes focus and practice. If you lose sight of this you will quickly be swept up in frustration and disappointment. Changing your vibration is not easy and it takes practice (time). But the effort is very much worth it.

You change your vibration by changing your thinking. That’s it? That’s it. Here’s how to do it:

Stop engaging negative thinking, or thinking that you makes feel emotionally bad, and this includes self criticism and complaining about other people and life itself. If you think negatively habitually — most people do — negative thoughts will come on their own. And come, and come, and come. This is okay: you do not need to stop the flow of negative thoughts. I don’t believe it’s even possible to stop thinking in this way.

Rather than trying to use force with your thoughts, do one of two things (or combine the two, which can be extremely effective):

Neutrally observe your thoughts but otherwise allow them to be just as they are; do not judge, do not analyze, do not do anything — just observe. If you do this the power of your consciousness will consume the thinking. You will not have to take any direct action other than to have an awareness of negative thought rather than falling into it.

The second process is to redirect your negative thinking to more positive thinking. Monitor your thinking, in part by being aware of your emotions because when you feel badly you are engaging negative thinking. When negative thinking comes up gently, being patient and caring with yourself, redirect the thinking by replacing it with thinking that is more positive.

If you make a consistent habit of this, in time and with practice, you will more and more notice negative thinking and easily — and quickly — replace it with positive thinking. Give yourself several weeks, at least, to habitualize this new practice. How long have you been engaging your negative thinking, after all? But you will certainly, in time, experience the change.

A final word. Why do you want to manifest? Why? If you ask yourself often enough about each of your manifestation desires why is it that you want to have it, you will get to the answer that you want to be happy. You do not need to manifest any external circumstance to be happy. None. Your natural state is happiness. If you increase your vibration energy you will, in effect, return to your natural state and you will be happy.

What you really want is not to possess something or other but to be happy. Remember this. When you lose track of this, when you put the cart before the horse, your vibration will drop and you will no longer be happy. Be happy and from this the manifestations will come (your vibration, and the vibration of the manifestation you want to experience, will be at similar levels).

You may enjoy and appreciate these manifestations but you will not be attached to them because you will know that you do not need them. You will know, without doubt, that you can always get to your true goal of happy, manifestations or not.