Tell Others About My Depression?

An Inquiry: How do I cope with depression when I haven’t told anyone that I’m extremely depressed?

How We Would Respond: Depending upon your circumstances, telling someone that you feel depressed may be practical and also helpful. For instance, you will not be able to get assistance if you refuse to divulge to anyone that you feel depressed.

Having said that for many people, certainly for adults, it is not necessary to share with others that we feel depressed. Depression is caused by an internal process, thinking specifically, and so resolving depression would be an internal process as well.

You must resolve a malady where its cause lies, not where its cause does not lie.

Given that depression is an internal process to suggest that one must take external action, telling another person for instance, in order to resolve depression does not make sense. The way to resolve depression is not to tell someone that you feel depressed; the way to resolve depression is to work with your very own thinking.