Tell Others About My Depression?

An Inquiry: How do I cope with depression when I haven’t told anyone that I’m extremely depressed? How We Would Respond: Depending upon your circumstances, telling someone that you feel depressed may be practical and also helpful. For instance, you will not be able to get assistance if you refuse to divulge to anyone that you … Read More

Struggling With Self Acceptance

An Inquiry: What’s the path towards being yourself? How We Would Respond: Why do you need to define yourself in some way, to establish an identity which is somehow you? You don’t need to do this. You can simply be. We believe that expressing an identity is something done for the sake of others, to … Read More

Friends Help With Stress?

A Claim Made: Reliable ways for alleviating stress — Exercise, a long hot shower or bath. Talking with a friend. Our Response: These methods may prove helpful for some but to say they are reliable is, in our opinion, a false claim. Why? Because these methods do not directly address the cause of stress, which is always … Read More