Stop Being Homesick

An Inquiry: How do I overcome homesickness?

How We Would Respond: To remedy a malady, any malady, you must first clearly understand the cause. So what causes being homesick?

Many people would call that a silly, and even foolish, question because the cause — as they see it — is quite obvious. Homesickness is caused by being away from home.

This is incorrect. Homesickness is not caused by being away from home; homesickness is caused by thinking. AllĀ painful emotional conditions are caused by thinking; and even more specifically, painful emotional conditions are caused by accepting negative thinking as the truth.

If people would develop a habit of no longer accepting negative thinking as true, emotional suffering across the board would be greatly diminished. This may sound like a simple remedy, and it is, but thinking as the cause of emotional distress is an enormous blind spot among people.

Most people believe that emotional distress is caused by external events, things that do or do not happen within the world, and this is simply not true.