My Mother Is Disappointed In Me

An Inquiry: I am a disappointment to my mom. I have had problems with anxiety and depression since I was 15… I’m 31 now and I’m not married… and I live at home… I have terrible self esteem because my mom tries to correct everything I do because it is never good enough. She criticizes the clothes I … Read More

Help For Hypochondria

An Inquiry: I have developed a fear of heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, and aneurysms. It’s to the point where I will convince myself that any slight sensation is being caused by one of the above health problems (usually stroke or heart attack)… I’m almost constantly in a state of irrational panic because of this… How We … Read More

How To Control Emotions

An Inquiry: Is there anyway I can calm down my emotions? How We Would Respond: Emotions become energized when we consider them to be significant. Look at the following responses to emotion: I am upset! I am upset. One response makes a big deal of being upset; the other response observes being upset but doesn’t grant … Read More