Resistance Is Futile

Soul music legend James Brown used the following lyrics in one of his popular songs: The way I like it is the way it is. People may interpret these lyrics in different ways, if they try to interpret them at all. I personally find these lyrics to be very profound — seemingly simple but actually … Read More

Learning From Animals

I don’t like television much, but I happened to be watching recently and saw a commercial from an animal rights group. One segment of the commercial showed a dog that had been forced to fight and had accumulated significant injuries as a result — so much so, according to the commercial, that the dog ultimately … Read More

The Zero State And The Now

I’ve been a ho’oponopono advocate for a time now, and I find the method to be quite helpful. But until fairly recently there was something within ho’oponopono teachings that I didn’t grasp. A common ho’oponopono reference is to zero state, or just zero. Zero state, it is said, is where the benefits, the rewards if … Read More