How Effective Are Antidepressants?

An Inquiry: Are they worth taking if you have bad physical symptoms for a anxiety disorder? How We Would Respond: Antidepressants really help some people; other people who take antidepressants don’t seem to get much help from them at all, and some people who take antidepressants experience quite bad side effects and so stop taking them. … Read More

Afraid Of The Dark

An Inquiry: I am twenty years old and cannot stand being alone in the dark. My mind and heart race… when I’m by myself and in the dark. …I’m terrified of ghosts, intruders, etc. I know, totally unreasonable… but my fear is very real. …WHY this is happening …how I can overcome this? How We Would Respond: … Read More

How Can I Be Less Shy?

An Inquiry: I hate being shy so much… …I’m sick of being too shy to sometimes ask for things, not speaking loud enough, being sometimes awkward in a conversation, not taking good opportunities, not making new friends, etc… How can I be less shy and more outgoing? How We Would Respond: You want to stop being … Read More