How To Deal With Emotions In A Healthy Way

If you’ve decided that you want to limit the impact of negative emotions on your life experience then you can rightfully call yourself enlightened. Most people don’t consider emotions to be personal possessions — for most people emotions are the result of. The result of external conditions… the result of other people’s behavior… the result … Read More

Gratitude And The Law Of Attraction

A number of Law of Attraction — or intentional manifestation, as I refer to this process — teachers and advocates promote gratitude as a means for getting faster or more reliable results. Will gratitude deliver faster or more reliable manifestations? Maybe. I have a slightly different take on gratitude and manifestation than is typical, I … Read More

Managing The Pain Body

I believe that the pain body, the phenomenon — initially recognized by spiritualist Eckhart Tolle — that triggers an onset of negative emotional responses, can be effectively managed and also, eventually, diminished. Here are a few methods that I recommend for managing the pain body. Awareness and observation. People typically become engulfed in emotional responses … Read More