Friends Help With Stress?

A Claim Made: Reliable ways for alleviating stress — Exercise, a long hot shower or bath. Talking with a friend. Our Response: These methods may prove helpful for some but to say they are reliable is, in our opinion, a false claim. Why? Because these methods do not directly address the cause of stress, which is always … Read More

Helping My Depressed Partner

An Inquiry: How do you deal with a depressed romantic partner? How We Would Respond: Our suggestion would be to express your care and concern for them and their well-being, and to suggest resources that might be of help to them. Realistically what more can one do beyond this? You could, conceivably, try to force them into some … Read More

Stop Being Homesick

An Inquiry: How do I overcome homesickness? How We Would Respond: To remedy a malady, any malady, you must first clearly understand the cause. So what causes being homesick? Many people would call that a silly, and even foolish, question because the cause — as they see it — is quite obvious. Homesickness is caused … Read More