Lack Of Confidence

Ironically enough, confidence and lack of confidence can be expressions of the same thing: a false projection of the self through role playing. In the case of “confident” the role may be that of stable and secure persona with a mastery of self, particularly in the company of others. The “lack of confidence” role might … Read More

How To Control Jealousy

In a previous post, How To Deal With Jealousy, I discussed the ego origins of jealousy and how jealousy — and other emotions — serve as a wall between us and authentic identity. Now comes the topic of how to control jealousy. How can we do it? We can’t… at least not for long. If … Read More

Uncontrollable Crying – What’s Really Happening?

Let me start off by offering sympathies to anyone who’s experiencing an overwhelming emotional display, whether it be uncontrollable crying or something else. In a situation like this there’s obviously suffering happening. Having said that, it’s important to understand that any emotional experience and / or display isn’t happening by itself. Emotions and emotional displays … Read More