Fighting Against Depression

An Inquiry: I’ve been fighting depression for three years and I’m still depressed. What do I do? How We Would Respond: Not exactly sure what fighting depression involves for you, but your description is telling as it relates to your mindset. To fight is to resist and when you resist you are expending, and also providing, energy. … Read More

Stuck In Addiction

An Inquiry: I have a 25 year addiction that I can’t get under control. I’ve tried everything… 12 steps, God, church, professional counseling, pastoral counseling, willpower – EVERYTHING How We Would Respond: The obvious response to addiction is some form of assistance. It sounds like you’ve tried various forms of assistance and, unfortunately, none has been as … Read More

Struggling With Self Acceptance

An Inquiry: What’s the path towards being yourself? How We Would Respond: Why do you need to define yourself in some way, to establish an identity which is somehow you? You don’t need to do this. You can simply be. We believe that expressing an identity is something done for the sake of others, to … Read More