Self Help For Skeptics

I find it interesting that some people would, at the outset, define themselves as skeptics before seeking out life help. My guess is that these people would prefer to eliminate references to spiritualism, i.e. something related to God and / or that cannot be proven using a materialist point of view, in any life help … Read More

Law Of Attraction Proof?

People seeking proof about Law of Attraction, that it does indeed “work”, are often coming from one of two perspectives: they want evidence before putting Law of Attraction to use, or they’ve been applying Law of Attraction for some time and feel discouraged about the results they’re getting. If you’ve never tried Law of Attraction … Read More

Exercise For The Treatment Of Depression And Anxiety?

Physical exercise has many body health benefits, which have been frequently expressed over time and which most people are probably aware of (at least to some extent). But in fairly recent times physical exercise has been offered as treatment for mental dysfunction, including depression and anxiety. Is this legitimate advice? Is exercise a legitimate, and … Read More