Headway Themes Review

This website was built with a Headway theme and while the reader may consider this fact to be an effective endorsement, or not, I am impressed with Headway and do recommend its use — depending upon one’s needs. Headway was and is, for me, a particularly good solution. I am not a web coder which … Read More

Robin Williams Death: Another Tragic Insight

I was surprised to learn of Robin Williams’ death. When I learned that Williams had died by suicide I was stunned and then saddened, and then frustrated. Frustrated? Yes, and I’ll explain why in a moment. Many were sad about Williams’ death and many, probably, were stunned as well. Williams seemed to have so many … Read More

The Ho’oponopono Process

Ho’oponopono is one of the first processes I learned of during my personal journey into life improvement (or self help, if you prefer). I came to like, and trust, ho’oponopono very much and I consider myself pretty well informed about it. So what is it? Ho’oponopono is a means for improving life that, I think … Read More