Beat Anxiety Without Counseling?

An Inquiry: Is there a way to beat anxiety without counseling so I can join the Air Force? I struggle with severe anxiety, and I’d like to get help for it. However… if I get counseling and take medication, I will have to report it to them, and it would ultimately disqualify me from being in … Read More

Is It Hard To Overcome Depression?

An Inquiry: I know depression is hard to get rid of. Any tips on how to do it? How We Would Respond: Depression is quite common, but we don’t necessarily agree with the notion that depression is hard to get rid of. Getting clear of depression is as simple as changing thinking patterns. If a … Read More

Tell Others About My Depression?

An Inquiry: How do I cope with depression when I haven’t told anyone that I’m extremely depressed? How We Would Respond: Depending upon your circumstances, telling someone that you feel depressed may be practical and also helpful. For instance, you will not be able to get assistance if you refuse to divulge to anyone that you … Read More