What Is The Disappearance Of The Universe About?

The Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary Renard, is a self-help work essentially. But it’s quite unlike most any other self-help work. What is The Disappearance of the Universe about? It’s about ending human suffering through the one means, according to the work, that this can be done: by ending the separation between us and … Read More

What Is A Course In Miracles?

A Course In Miracles is, I believe, frequently misinterpreted (the same could be said for many religious and / or spiritual texts). Even when it is properly interpreted, however, it is not necessarily easily accepted. Why not? To begin, A Course In Miracles is said to be dictated by none other than Jesus, who supposedly … Read More

Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work (And I Want It To!)

You did your part. You engaged in positive thinking for some time, maybe even used affirmations, just like they told you to (whoever they may have been). And they told you that if you did this, if you positively changed your thinking, that your life would demonstrably get better. And it hasn’t and you’re frustrated … Read More