Does God Care About Money

An Inquiry: Why do they ask for money in every church? How We Would Respond: Churches ask for money so that they’ll be able to invest in their operations. We solicit donations for the same reason. In fact, without incoming money any form of organization would no longer be able to maintain their operations; but … Read More

Depression: Brain Chemistry Or Thinking

An Inquiry: With clinical depression, do we know which occurs first, negative thoughts (which then affect brain chemistry), or defective brain chemistry?. . . (which then causes the negative and/or anxiety-filled thoughts)? How We Would Respond: This is an interesting question and one that people have different opinions about. I personally believe there is little to … Read More

God Granting Entry To Heaven

An Inquiry: Standing at the gates of heaven, and God asks you “Why should I let you in?” What do you reply? How We Would Respond: This question shall never be asked by God. God is the perfect creator and does not make creations that need to prove themselves worthy of Heaven. God’s creations are Heaven … Read More