How To Survive When You Are All Alone

An Inquiry: I am all alone in life, I’m 38 years old… I live alone……and I feel abandoned? I have no support network, except for my dear mum… I cry sometimes and wonder what I’m gonna do in the future? I feel so depressed about it. How We Would Respond: Your judgments are telling you a lot … Read More

Fear Of Driving

An Inquiry: How can I overcome my fear of driving? How We Would Respond: A first step in curing a condition is to understand its genuine cause. Chronic fear conditions, whether generalized anxiety or fear about something specific like operating an automobile, is caused by thinking; even more specifically the cause is accepting an upsetting thought … Read More

Does God Hate Materialism

An Inquiry: Does God hate money and material things? How We Would Respond: To hate is to make an indirect admission that something — the hated object — has an adverse impact upon you. Some may say that there are things that can, and do, impact God but I do not agree. I believe God is … Read More