Need Help With Money Problems?

Ask people what their primary problem is and I believe most people would say ‘money’. If I’m right about this then the majority of the audience for this writing will consider themselves to have money problems. Let’s see whether I can help with this.

First, let’s clarify what is meant by money problems. Money problems, in most cases, actually translates to a lack of money. Continuing with the reasoning above then, most people don’t have enough money… or so they believe.

But is it really true?

When you say that you don’t have enough money, is this genuinely so? Do you need — do you absolutely need — more money right now? Forget, for a moment, any mental stories about needing money in the future. Do you absolutely need more money right now?

Most people with money problems, in fact, do not absolutely need more money right now. They are usually concerned about having money in time for some future — perceived — event or deadline. Will they really need more money for this future event or deadline, or is this another inaccurate story?

Even if you should need more money in the future, why presume that the money you need won’t be there? In my experience, money that is needed shows up when it is, in fact, needed — not before. Might it be possible that we are actually being looked after by the universe and that what we need will be given to us… again, when we need it?

This is what I tend to believe. If you doubt this try observing life for a time and see whether life gives you what you need — when you need it — without your having to “do” something or other. See for yourself what the results of this observation are.

Some people may not actually need more money right now but believe the quality of their life would be considerably improved if they had more money. This presumes that money will make our lives better. Is this true? If it is true, why?

What can money do for us to make life better? Follow this question to its source and the answer, I believe, is this: If I had enough money I would be free from worries, discontent, and stress; I would be at peace.

Money will never bring this sort of outcome about — it cannot. In fact there is only one thing, only one, that can generate this type of response. That one thing is you. Only you can create a positive, or negative, emotional response in your life experience. No one, and no thing, can reach into your being and push a button that will create “happy” or “sad” or “stressed” or “peaceful”.

These responses come from you, and they come as a result of attaching to a mental story or not. Here’s how emotional stress happens: A mental story comes into your awareness, sometimes in response to an external event and sometimes not, and the story essentially says ‘This (fill in the blank) is bad’… and you accept the story as truth.

This is how emotional stress always happens. Observe this in your own life to see the truth of it. Where does money come into play in this scenario?

It doesn’t.

A lack of money isn’t your problem. Accepting mental stories as truth is your problem.

If you stopped accepting mental stories as your truth then you would experience what you believe money will bring you: an end to worries and stress, and peace and contentment. You would know these things because they are already there; they have always been there and always will be. You came into the life experience with them in place and they are your natural state.

You don’t experience this natural state because it is blocked by your mental noise, by the mental stories that you keep in place by grabbing hold of them… instead of observing them but otherwise allowing to them to pass into your awareness, and then pass back out.

These stories would do that exact thing if you would only stop holding onto them as your truth.

Here’s your truth: You already have what it is that you really want.

You just don’t know it…