Natural Cure For Heartburn?

This post is about more than just stomach and digestive problems. This post is, I believe, about extraordinary healing and also change. But it starts with heartburn…

I had regular heartburn for years. I recall an incident some time ago, while on vacation, when some less than healthy eating choices left me with an excruciating case of heartburn. The experience was so significant that it woke me from sleep — and then kept me up for some time after.

Since then I’ve learned about a method for treating heartburn that is easy, quick, and effective. I can vouch for the method’s effectiveness in treating heartburn because I’ve used it for exactly that myself, with exceptional results. But the method is effective for maladies beyond heartburn.

The method is, in fact, useful for physical maladies, emotional / psychological maladies, and for problematic life circumstances such as financial difficulties. All of that? Yes… and even more. One motto for the method is ‘Try it on everything.’

This motto reference may ring a bell for some: ‘Try it on everything’ is a motto for EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. While people might consider EFT a method in itself, it can actually be categorized as meridian energy therapy, or simply energy therapy.

Meridian energy therapy operates from the belief that blocked bodily energies cause a variety of physical and emotional / psychological health difficulties. Unblocking these energies, through stimulation of meridian points along the body, restores health. Chinese acupuncture may be the oldest method to utilize meridian point stimulation, accomplishing this by inserting small needles into the skin.

Updated meridian energy therapy stimulates meridian points not with needles but with the touch of our own fingertips, while simultaneously focusing upon a problem or difficulty… such as heartburn. This is how I was able to resolve a case of heartburn and for the most part keep heartburn away thereafter (another case came up several weeks later, after eating pizza for the first time in a while, and I was able to resolve this case in the same way I did the previous one).

I want you to bear that insight in mind: by using meridian energy therapy I was able to resolve a health issue for the long term. This complete resolution phenomenon is fairly common in meridian energy therapy and may motivate some, or many, readers to want to learn the method for themselves. Well wouldn’t you know, in addition to being effective for a broad range of difficulties meridian energy therapy is also simple to use.

There are a variety of meridian energy therapies, though EFT is probably the most popular and familiar at this time. In my personal practice of meridian energy therapy I use a variation of EFT because I find standard EFT to sometimes be uncomfortable and inconvenient. I’ve included a video below that demonstrates Simple Energy Techniques or SET, a meridian energy therapy that I’ve also incorporated into my meridian practice, again with some adjustments.

In the video below I want to specifically point out the use of finger meridian stimulation. This convenient process is how I very successfully treated my heartburn cases. Keep in mind as well, this method can be used on a wide — perhaps unlimited — variety of issues.

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