Money And The Law Of Attraction Book Review

Money and the Law of Attraction, produced by Esther and Jerry Hicks as well as Esther’s spiritual channel known as Abraham, serves a quite necessary function, as far as I’m concerned. Money acquisition is surely a key focus for Law of Attraction efforts (for those who may be unaware, Law of Attraction is a principle by which experiences — wanted or not — are manifested into one’s life).

Money and the Law of Attraction gets right to the heart of the matter, so to speak, when it comes to money attraction; the work is essentially about this topic in totality, though there is also discussion of how to attract generally positive circumstances in addition to greater financial abundance. Something I like very much about Money and the Law of Attraction is how thorough it is: many questions and issues related to money and Law of Attraction are raised and addressed. In fact, there was nothing related to the subject matter that wasn’t covered as far as I’m concerned — and much was covered that I hadn’t even thought of.

I can say with confidence then that anyone considering Money and the Law of Attraction will come away from the work feeling quite informed.

I can’t reveal the whole of Money and the Law of Attraction within a single review, but the basics for money attraction, according to the work, is a clear desire for wanting money, and a regular focus on having money. Sounds simple, and it may be too simply described here, but that really is the gist of it. It may surprise some readers to learn that manifesting desires is generally “easy” work but something that Hicks and Abraham regularly emphasize — and something that I absolutely agree with — is that we are extremely powerful spiritual beings.

Most of us do not accept and / or appreciate this insight, and so greatly limit our power potential by mental focus that expresses things along the lines of I am weak or I cannot do this or I cannot do that. Hicks and Abraham state that this mental focus is what creates our world reality, good or bad, and we must be very careful in how we use it (another insight that I agree with.)

If there is one thing within Money and the Law of Attraction that gives me some pause it’s Hicks and Abraham’s advice to remain in a regular state of happiness. They seem to infer, to my interpretations anyway, that unpleasant or unhappy thoughts or moods should be pushed aside and replaced by thoughts and moods that feel “happy”. I do endorse the idea of the power of positive thought, and certainly in the case of desire manifesting, but I am not comfortable with the idea of trying to manipulate mood.

Attempts to control thought and mood are often unsuccessful because they involve resistance, and resistance to something tends to make it more entrenched. A much better strategy, I believe, is to allow, and this is particularly true as it relates to thought and mood.

This criticism aside, I find Money and the Law of Attraction to be a comprehensive, insightful, and also inspiring work and I recommend it. Find Money and the Law of Attraction Here.