Life Help On A Deserted Island

Almost all of us have heard a variation of this: You’re on a deserted island and you have only one (BLANK). What would it be?

I’ve heard the BLANK referred to as medication and also a piece of music.

You’re on a deserted island and you have only one type of medication. What would it be?

You’re on a deserted island and you have one music album. What would it be?

The significance being, what is the absolute best choice you could possibly make. Let’s take this model and apply it to life improvement. You have one choice for life improvement — what would it be?

Work with your thinking.

This is an easy call to make. Thinking is not a significant part of the life experience; it is enormous. The great secret of life is how important thinking is, and how much thinking influences the way we feel and also how much it influences our life circumstances. In truth however this is no secret; this insight is readily available and yet, remarkably, so few people seem aware of it.

People are dismissive of the impact of thinking. They are, for all intents and purposes, wholly unaware of their thinking. They de-emphasize the significance of thinking and overemphasize the significance of physical action.

They have it almost entirely backwards. But to convince people of this, to get people to accept how important thinking is when it comes to the life experience across the board, is a most difficult sell. If you want to meet with resistance and / or rejection, tell someone that the best way to resolve their problems is to work with their thinking.

No, no, no! What do I need to do, what action do I need to take, to make my life different? Work with your thinking.

Be ready then for the empty stare, the disinterested response, the dismissive gesture. It is nearly inconceivable to most people that their thinking has any meaningful impact on their lives at all. It is the last thing that’s “wrong”.

I heard the following for years, before I finally came to accept it as true: The world is but a reflection of your internal state of being. Another way to say this is ‘As within, so without’. If you’ve been on the life help path for any length of time, you’ve heard this yourself.

It is absolutely true. People who may accept the truth of it though tend to misunderstand what it means. They tend to believe it refers to their conscious beliefs and so to remedy this they may talk about, mentally or out loud, what they want to be true.

I am wealthy! I am healthy! And so on.

The truth of ‘As within, so without’ is subconscious; or that which you are not actively aware of. This subconscious shows itself through your automatic thinking — through thinking that comes into your awareness without any effort from you, and particularly when you are upset.

This is what you need to work with…