Law Of Attraction Proof?

People seeking proof about Law of Attraction, that it does indeed “work”, are often coming from one of two perspectives: they want evidence before putting Law of Attraction to use, or they’ve been applying Law of Attraction for some time and feel discouraged about the results they’re getting.

If you’ve never tried Law of Attraction (or intentional manifestation, as I typically refer to it) and want insight into how valid it really is, use yourself as a measure. How?

Honestly consider the circumstances of your own life and then compare these circumstances with your typical outlook. For instance, if you’re lacking money is your outlook typically focused upon abundance or lack? Do you feel confident about money or do you worry over it? When you talk about yourself, how do you describe your financial circumstances?

It’s been my experience that external circumstances, or our life conditions, often reflect quite closely our internal state: how we think and speak about ourselves and the conditions of our lives. As one example, we will not tend to bring about financial abundance by thinking and talking about money lack.

But let’s assume that you have been making an effort to consciously change your life circumstances by thinking, and speaking, of what you want versus what you don’t. Now that you’ve changed your tune, so to speak, you’re looking for your desired outcome. Perhaps you can’t see the evidence you’re looking for and pessimism has begun to set in.

Does Law of Attraction really work? And if so, where are your goodies?

I do believe Law of Attraction, or intentional manifestation, does bring desires into being — in time. I don’t believe the time in which intentional manifestation works can be qualified. In other words, you cannot count upon your desire manifesting six weeks (for instance) into your Law of Attraction efforts.

This lack of a reliable time frame can make holding onto optimism extremely difficult. We presently live in an instant cake mix sort of world. We’ve grown accustomed to following certain steps (add the ingredients and bake) and getting the outcome we’re looking for in reliable time (yummy cake).

Critics of intentional manifestation often point to this unreliable outcome and label Law of Attraction bogus. Fair enough, but here’s a question in response: Does any life improvement method work according to a set schedule? Even medications such as antidepressants, which are subject to strict rules of evidence, don’t claim to work according to an absolute time frame — and in some people they don’t work at all.

Conscious presence works to make life better but does not absolutely work according to a schedule, and doesn’t necessarily work with complete effectiveness either (as in you will never again have so-called symptoms). Shall we throw out every method that can’t be judged by a stopwatch and that isn’t completely reliable? If so then we will essentially throw out everything.

This isn’t to say that there should be no expectations whatsoever for life improvement methods, because there should be. But the delay effect for intentional manifestation or Law of Attraction can be particularly pronounced — which is not the same as saying it does not work.

Advice about Law of Attraction that I’ve heard, and essentially agree with, is to not dwell on outcomes. If you think about it dwelling is not so far from neediness or desperation which each imply lack, versus having or being abundant in. So if you are dwelling on outcomes then your internal state is not, in fact, a match for your desires but rather is at odds with it.

Being internally at odds with your desires, remember, is typically not a formula for seeing your desires become manifest.

Here’s a strategy, though it certainly is not always easy to carry out: endeavor to be at peace and content now, no matter whether your manifestation has come to pass or not. Doing this will make you feel better, and will lessen any internal strain or contradiction that may be slowing your manifestation down.

Again this is not necessarily easy but it’s a remedy for a quite common outlook and habit, which is to look to the future — in some way shape or form — for salvation. This habit not only ignores the present moment, which is really all there ever is, it’s also a bottomless pit of discontent. Even if you should achieve your present desire for the future, another future desire will eventually take its place.

You will be living for the future, potentially, for years on end while your actual life passes you by. Come back to now, to what actually is versus mind activity, and let the future — including all manifestation desires — take care of itself.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.

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