Is Sin Arrogant?

Not everyone believes in the idea of sin but for those who do they are likely to consider sin as something punitive, and very serious. But what about arrogant?

Sin is arrogant?

Sin as something arrogant comes from the idea of overturning God’s will. Is it God’s will that there shall be sin? If sin is not God’s will then for sin to be real means that God’s will has been overturned.¬†What is more arrogant than to personally proclaim that God’s will has been overturned?

God’s will does not stand.

Says who?

Says me!

If an argument should be made that sin is God’s will then we are, I believe, heading down a slippery slope. Why would God will for sin? Why would God will for lack, loss, suffering, and death? For God to will for these things is to say that God is, in some way or another, cruel.

If God doesn’t will for these things but they are true anyway, then God’s will has been overturned. And this is where the notion of arrogance comes into play — to proclaim that the will, and the word, of God does not stand.