Is It Possible To Cure Cancer Naturally?

Physical body health is an issue that directly affects everyone. Of the conditions and circumstances that impact body health, cancer may get the most emphasis. It is certainly a common issue of concern.

If you do not have cancer yourself, or don’t directly know someone who has had or presently has cancer, you are in rare company. You will surely leave this company as you grow older (presuming you’re not living the life of a hermit).

No one wants to get cancer, or to have someone they love get cancer. Alas, it does happen. When it does focus often immediately turns to cure and a restoration of normal health.

As of today the typical treatment for cancer is chemotherapy, a process that amounts to the destruction of body cells across the board — whether the cells are cancerous or not. It’s not hard to imagine the impact of destroying countless cells within the body: the body organism begins to break down, and there is an experience of quite poor health.

If chemotherapy is applied beyond a certain point the body organism will break down altogether and die.

It’s natural then to seek a different course of treatment. The word ‘natural’ is sometimes used to mean an alternative to chemotherapy, because natural implies something gentle and nontoxic. So does a so-called natural treatment exist that is actually effective in reversing cancer?

I don’t think there is a certain answer to this question. I do believe that methods outside of chemotherapy and other standard medical treatments have been effective in reversing cancer for some people. Have these alternative methods worked in every case? Very likely not, but chemotherapy and other standard medical treatments are not absolutely effective either.

Something that is frequently heard within New Age / Metaphysical / spiritual circles about cancer is that it has an emotional component. What this essentially means is that cancer has a connection to emotional stress, and chronic emotional stress in particular.

Let’s not go running off with this. It does not mean that the cancer you or your loved one has is the certain result of too much stress. But… most if not all of us have direct evidence — through experience — that emotional stress compromises our physical well-being. What impact then might chronic stress, or a very significant stress event, have on our bodily health?

Could cancer be one result? I believe that it could, though I acknowledge that not everyone agrees with this.

Having said that, if someone asked me for alternative treatments for cancer I would recommend at least the following three:

Emotional stress reduction.

Will reducing stress cure cancer? Perhaps not but it will help us to feel better, emotionally if not physically — and it could improve our physical health as well. (I believe reducing emotional stress does, in fact, improve our physical health). Some resources I recommend for reducing emotional stress include the works of Eckhart Tolle and the works of Byron Katie.

Meridian energy therapy.

I firmly believe that meridian energy therapy, along the lines of EFT, heals and restores the physical body. I know of meridian energy therapy being applied to a variety of physical ailments, and providing improvement in each case. Meridian energy therapy can be applied to emotional dis-ease as well — in fact this is the typical application for meridian energy therapy — and so can help with stress reduction efforts.

Get more information about meridian energy therapy Here.


I’m confident that all of us have the capacity to create actual life circumstances through nothing more than our imagination. In other words, I believe that we can make life circumstances occur by simply visualizing them on a regular basis. This notion will be hard for many people to believe.

So be it.

I’m not trying to convince anyone of the validity of this notion — at least not within this writing. I will say however that the concept of intentional manifestation, also referred to as the Law of Attraction, goes back thousands of years and is referred to in various texts, including the Bible.

‘Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.’

‘Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.’

I encourage, without reservation, visualizing good health for anyone with a disease condition — cancer or whatever else. I would add however to visualize from a place of patience and not one of impatience and demands. There is a considerable energy difference between these two outlooks, and I believe successful visualization is much more likely to occur with the former than the latter (with patience over impatience).

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I advocate the methods above as an addition to standard medical treatment for cancer, not an exception to standard medical treatment. Standard medical treatment has demonstrated at least some effectiveness — and even great effectiveness with certain cancer conditions — and so definitely has its place. None of the methods above should interfere with standard medical treatment for cancer, and may help alleviate standard treatment side effects.