Inhabit Your Body

I’ve spent the majority of my life experience being almost entirely absent from my body. What do I mean by this? I mean that I rarely, if ever, had a connection with my body: I was too busy engaging thinking.

I was thinking of the past, and particularly, thinking of the future. Nearly every conscious moment of my life, in fact, was spent in thought.

I “lived” in my thinking.

Being so preoccupied with thought caused me to miss out on many experiences, including the experience of my body. I was in my head, if you will, and never in my body. Most people do the very same thing within their own life experiences.

Spiritualist Eckhart Tolle, and others, advocate regularly experiencing the body. There’s a simple way to go about doing this: take focus away from thought and other mental output and put this focus on the body. But don’t just focus on the body — focus on the energy within the body. Experience the energy within the feet; within the legs; the arms; and so on, throughout the entire body.

Experiencing the body’s internal energy shouldn’t be a strain: allow the experience rather than trying to force it (which wouldn’t work in any event). Simply feel the energy in the body — it is surely there.

As you spend more time within the body, the experience of the body’s internal energy will intensify. It may feel as if an energizing current is circulating. This circulation will invigorate and enhance the body. The body will feel and respond better.

I can say certainly that the practice of spending time within the body invigorates the body. Soreness and stiffness that I’ve otherwise felt is reduced significantly when I go within the body. Tolle has said that spending time within the body also enhances immunity. I believe it.

Putting focus on the body’s internal energies by its very nature reduces focus on thinking and brings about presence, one the most effective means (in my opinion) for reducing emotional suffering. This is yet another superb benefit to fully inhabiting the body on a regular basis.

I propose to anyone that they go within their body and experience its energies. How often? Daily, and even two or three times a day, for at least five minutes at a time. This may seem a significant investment to some, but the payoff can be worthwhile.

Try it for yourself and see…