I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation Review

The I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation, from well-known spiritualist Wayne Dyer and author James Twyman, is a quite interesting work as it combines two practices: meditation and intentional manifestation. Perhaps there is another work that attempts to provide this combination, but if there is I haven’t come across it. And if I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation genuinely succeeds in combining these practices, then it is a valuable work indeed.

Meditation has achieved broad recognition as providing physical and mental health benefits — even among “mainstream” science and medicine. There was a time, and it wasn’t so very long ago, that meditation was essentially dismissed by mainstream interests as some form of an odd habit. Today however it is not at all unusual for meditation to be recommended as part of a health improvement and / or maintenance plan, particularly as it relates to stress reduction.

Times have certainly changed.

But times haven’t changed, at least not yet, with respect to every so-called alternative practice. Intentional manifestation, for example, is typically labeled as absurd or a fantasy. For those who may not be entirely aware, intentional manifestation is the capacity to create experiences within one’s life through, primarily, mental focus. Again, this notion is usually rejected as an impossibility, but there are some people — including me — who are firm believers.

Wayne Dyer is a believer as well, and has made desire manifestation a significant part of his spiritual work. In the I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation Dyer combines his convictions with the works of James Twyman, who created an auditory effect that is supposed to correspond with the name given to God in the Old Testament: I Am. Dyer puts much emphasis on the I Am in his work Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting and so teaming up, so to speak, with Twyman’s auditory effects seems a natural action.

But does it provide genuine results? I believe it does.

Within the I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation audio Dyer explains how the process should be carried out, and following these directives demonstrates a response that I describe as peaceful energy. The entire process is not exclusively a meditative exercise because it does involve intentional manifestation work; but I believe a deeper, spiritual connection is reached during the process, particularly as one keeps at it on a regular basis.

What about manifestation outcomes? Again, I believe there are definite results. This isn’t to say that one will emerge from an I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation session and find a check for a million dollars slipped beneath their front door, but I am satisfied that discernible positive changes are apparent, especially from ongoing practice — changes that can be sensed and also felt within the body (depending upon what desires one hopes to manifest).

The final experience from any practice will always vary according to the individual, but I consider the I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation to be a successful combination of two important spiritual practices, and I recommend its use. Find the I am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation Here.