How To Survive When You Are All Alone

An Inquiry: I am all alone in life, I’m 38 years old… I live alone……and I feel abandoned? I have no support network, except for my dear mum… I cry sometimes and wonder what I’m gonna do in the future? I feel so depressed about it.

How We Would Respond: Your judgments are telling you a lot of quite upsetting things about yourself — and you are accepting these judgments as entirely valid. Has it ever occurred to you that these upsetting judgments coming into your awareness are not true?

They are certainly not true when you say of yourself that you are alone, abandoned, and have no support network. You are one with God. The reason you are unaware of this is because you are fixated upon your judgments, which are firmly upheld by the power of your belief in them. Your focus upon your judgments, which is your choice and is entirely under your own control, is distracting you from the presence of God.

If you would take your power back from these judgments by ceasing to call them absolute truth, they would fall away and God’s presence would be clear to you. This would not be a visual experience so much as a deeply peaceful feeling, very much undeniable.