How To Manage Pain Without Medication

Like many people, I’ve had experience with ongoing physical pain. I have discovered a reliable, and also fast, method for managing a variety of physical pain issues… and I believe it can work for you too.

When I experience physical pain, regardless of the location or source, I begin as soon as possible a routine of meridian energy therapy (along the lines of EFT). It’s my experience that meridian energy therapy is a consistently effective and fast means for ending physical pain — again, regardless of the location or the source.

For those who may be unaware, meridian energy therapies like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) work by touch stimulating meridian points along the body, and the upper body in particular. Meridian points are believed to be channels, if you will, that bodily energies move through. Pain, emotional or physical, is said to result from a blockage of bodily energy.

One potential option then for restoring bodily energy flow, and ending corresponding pain, is to stimulate meridian points. Chinese acupuncture, a healing method that dates back thousands of years, advocates the stimulation of meridian points through needle insertions into the skin.

Energy therapies like EFT are, essentially, updated variations of Chinese acupuncture that stimulate meridian points through finger tapping or finger touch instead of needle insertion. This allows for a more convenient meridian point stimulation exercise — obviously — than having to insert needles. The convenience makes for a practice that can be used, and also maintained, within the structure of most anyone’s life.

All of this however is secondary to efficacy. Does meridian energy therapy work? As I’ve already said, I believe that it absolutely does work and that it works for all varieties of pain, both physical and emotional. What does this mean? It means that meridian energy therapy is, in my estimation, an effective treatment for back pain as well as depression.

I believe the key to maximum meridian energy therapy results is consistent effort. One of the impressive outcomes from using meridian energy therapy is that it can, and does, show fast returns. So even a brief cycle of energy therapy can demonstrate genuine relief of pain and suffering.

Having said that, to really become clear from pain and suffering over the long term, committing to regular — daily — meridian energy therapy is the advice from here. This shouldn’t be too terribly difficult to do: meridian energy therapy is quite simple to use, and a commitment of even ten to fifteen minutes per day can make a significant difference.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of meridian energy therapy, EFT, and SET.

An alternative, or addition, to meridian energy therapy is to consistently bring our mental focus into the body. This entails, simply, turning our attention inward, into the body. Most people have their mental focus external — in the world. This serves to send our mental energy “out there”.

In fact our mental energy is a very powerful force. Turn it inward, into the body in general or onto a source of pain within the body, and it has energizing and also healing effects. I first learned of this method from the teachings of spiritualist Eckhart Tolle.

Try consistently turning your mental focus inward, into the body, and see for yourself what the results are.