How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For Me?

The Law of Attraction has supporters and advocates to be sure, but it has skeptics too. Among these skeptics are people who have tried to implement Law of Attraction, or intentional manifestation as I tend to call it, and have failed to see the results they were hoping for. This can leave people frustrated and disappointed, if not outright dismissive about the legitimacy of Law of Attraction.

They may say it doesn’t work at all, at least not for them. Are they right?

Let me offer a way of looking at Law of Attraction that you may not have previously considered. When Law of Attraction attracts, what is being attracted? In other words, according to Law of Attraction what brings things within the universe together? Energy. (Life teachers Abraham Hicks typically refer to this energy as vibration, and I think this descriptive works well.)

The fundamental of Law of Attraction is that things of like energy, or like vibration, are attracted and ultimately brought together. Things which typically vibrate at the same level come together. Can you get around this notion?

It doesn’t matter so much what you consciously want; what matters is the level of your typical vibration. You might think of it in this way: Every thing in the universe has a vibrational score. Those things that have quite close vibrational scores are attracted and come together.

I believe that we ourselves, at a subconscious level, attach vibrational scores to the things we experience. I may attach a high vibrational score to money. I may attach a low vibrational score to people who have a certain personality type. I may attach a high vibrational score to working for myself; I may attach a low vibrational score to working for someone else.

Again, I believe that we attach these vibrational scores at a mostly unconscious level but these scores represent our most honest opinion — we cannot lie to ourselves about these scores or try to consciously manipulate them in some way. We may tell ourselves that something really isn’t important to us but the high vibrational score we’ve subconsciously attached to it tells a different story; it tells the true story, and we feel this truth on some level.

Think of something you want. Money? An intimate relationship? Better physical health? You have already attached a vibrational score to the things you want and it is a high score. If these things did not have a high score for you then you would not want them. So your desires vibrate at a high level. If you want to attract your desires, according to the fundamentals of Law of Attraction, what must your vibration be? High.

Those things that have quite close vibrational scores are attracted and come together. Remember?

Do you feel frustrated about your life? Do you feel angry and unfulfilled? Do you feel desperate or afraid? How needy do you feel about your desires coming to pass? How unhappy are you about desires that have not manifested? Look back over all of these characteristics and consider what the general vibrational score of them is. Compare this score to the score your desire has. Are they a close match?

No, they are not. One score is low and the other is high. They will not attract.

It’s important for us to be honest about the level of our general vibration. If we are pessimistic or enraged about manifestations not showing up this is a very clear insight. If we don’t feel happy with our lives, and strongly desiring manifestations is evidence that we aren’t happy with life, this is also an insight. It’s more than an insight: it’s a huge waving flag and it’s saying that our level of vibration is generally low. From this, we cannot attract our high vibration desires.

We tend to look for desires to be our salvation. If such and such would happen then I’d be okay. The truth is however, and it can be a very difficult truth to embrace, your desires will come after you reach salvation — because then your vibrational score will match the vibrational score of your desires. This may seem unfair but it’s a quite logical and orderly process: things that fit together come together, and it happens without the need for intervention.

The process also seems much less unfair when we understand that we can control our vibrational essence, or our vibrational score if you want to think of it in that way. Doing this is not necessarily easy but it can be done. I will discuss how we can manage our vibrational levels in my next post: The Best Way To Use The Law Of Attraction?