How To Improve Mood And Energy Naturally

Poor mood and lethargy are two frequent, and often interconnected, states of being. Within this writing I’ll share an approach that will bring significant positive change against the combination of poor mood and lethargy.

The first step is to take on the role of witness or watcher of thoughts and emotions. What does this involve? It involves allowing thought and emotion to be exactly as it is — to not change or resist it in any way but to instead observe it.

So we observe our thinking and emotion, without interference, without judgment or analysis, without resistance.

The second step is to engage in a practice known as Simple Energy Techniques or SET. SET is a streamlined and simplified variation of Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT. SET works by stimulating meridian points, which are thought to correspond to bodily energy flow.

Below is a video that gives an overview of SET (and a brief overview of EFT as well).

Let’s do a review. We make a regular habit of taking on the role of neutral watcher or witness to our thinking and our emotions; and we use SET.

The result of these two steps will typically be an enhanced mood, with a more peaceful and contented outlook specifically, and an experience of feeling energized. These outcomes will often be felt immediately on using the exercises, with maximum effect achieved in the time range of a week or so. A more interesting consideration than when the effects will work is why they work at all.

Simply put, these exercises get one in touch with their authentic self. The issue of authentic self, as it is being described here, is an expansive topic and I won’t try to fully explain it in this writing (it is explained in great detail in various writings throughout this website). What I will state is the experience of the authentic self often gets blocked, and having it unblocked puts one in touch with an extraordinary energy.

Rather than take my word for it, or not, follow the methods above and see about the experience for yourself.