How To Get Over Depression And Anxiety

Here’s an instant bit of advice, if you will, for how to get over depression and anxiety. Don’t take either one too seriously.

This advice might come across as absurd or even disrespectful, depending upon how painful your depressive or anxious state presently is. There really is logic behind the advice however, and it is this: depression and anxiety are only mental constructs. They are not something heavy and real; they are not something in the world that you must deal with.

They are thought streams that exist solely in your mind.

Am I intentionally diminishing the impact of depression and anxiety? Absolutely not. The effects of depression and anxiety can be considerable indeed, as can any mind based state of being. We are now at a point where there is, essentially, an acceptance of how significant the so-called mind body connection really is, and how much our mental states can affect our overall well being (including our physical health).

In this respect, depression and anxiety are serious. They are serious because if they are allowed to fester they will wreak havoc.

But, unlike some other health conditions, depression and anxiety can be brought under control quite reliably and quickly. If one wants to block out the effects of depression and anxiety altogether there are drugs, prescription and nonprescription both, that will do this. I don’t advocate using drugs that may be abused for dealing with depression and anxiety, for obvious reasons, but non habit forming prescription medications can be effective in their results.

If someone feels satisfied with using prescription medication for treating depression and / or anxiety then I say fine. I consider this to be an entirely personal decision. I don’t believe it’s so, however, that medication is needed in depression and anxiety treatment.

A big part of the “problem” of depression and anxiety is that they are considered a problem at all. What does this mean? It means that people often turn experiences of depression and anxiety into something catastrophic.

I feel depressed! I feel anxious! Oh no!

I appreciate that depression and anxiety are often uncomfortable experiences but these experiences, in and of themselves, do not cause serious harm. So what’s the big deal, really? Why not just acknowledge experiences of depression and anxiety, and then allow them to be there? It is NOT TRUE that we must “do” something about depression and anxiety (despite what pharmaceutical company advertisements tell us).

When we allow emotional states of being, rather than trying to suppress or get rid of them somehow, these emotional states of being will move on — often quickly. Believe it or not it is lack of acceptance that keeps emotional states stuck in place, and it is surrender that ultimately sets emotions — and us — free.

Beyond surrender there are a variety of help methods that are very effective for depression and anxiety: meridian energy therapy along the lines of EFT; The Work, developed by life help teacher Byron Katie; the ho’oponopono method; even the positive affirmations and outlooks used in intentional manifestation efforts like Law of Attraction can help improve mood.