How Often Should You Use EFT?

I am an advocate for using EFT or energy therapy — EFT is a variation of energy therapy — for all varieties of physical and emotional challenges (this insight won’t come as a surprise to regular readers of this website). I consider energy therapy to be an extremely effective, and essentially simple, means for improving the life experience across the board.

There are sometimes questions about using EFT / energy therapy optimally however, and the most common inquiry may have to do with frequency of use. So how often should we use EFT if we’re looking for optimal results?

I foremost recommend using EFT when something “comes up”. This is to say if some form of difficulty presents itself — emotional or physical — then put EFT to use. (I find this is sometimes easier done using a variation of EFT called Simple Energy Techniques, or SET, which has a convenient technique for applying meridian stimulation to the hands.)

I recommend as well that EFT / energy therapy be used regularly, even when no difficulty seems to be at hand. It is my experience, and belief, that EFT / energy therapy is a form of fitness: as it is used regularly it improves well being… and not just emotionally.

I can say with confidence that regular EFT / energy therapy use has physical benefits in addition to improving mood (and reducing emotional dysfunction). What sort of physical benefits does regular energy therapy provide? An increase in overall vigor, a reduction in pains and aches, and a more fluid and energized body response.

Don’t simply take my word for these physical body improvement claims: engage a regular energy therapy practice and see for yourself.

This raises the question of what a regular energy therapy practice looks like — once again how often, exactly, should we use EFT / energy therapy? My recommendation is at least one hour per day, every day. This may seem burdensome to some readers, so I’ll offer these qualifiers:

It’s not necessary — and probably isn’t practical either — to get the entire hour of practice in during one session. This might happen and if it does then fine, but it’s not mandatory. It’s absolutely acceptable for the hour of practice to be broken up over the course of a day: ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there, etc.

Another alternative is to use a part of Simple Energy Techniques, or SET, that advocates stimulating meridian points on the fingers (I referenced this above). This provides freedom to use energy therapy at various times during the day, and to use it discreetly. This hand meridian stimulation is one of the reasons I generally promote SET over EFT.

Whatever form you use, energy therapy provides positive results. Can these results be observed by using energy therapy on an irregular basis? Maybe, but I’m confident that the best energy therapy results — impressive and desirable results — come from regular use.

At least one hour per day, every day. We may not be able to meet this goal exactly all the time, but if we’re close then we’ll reap considerable benefits. Additionally the more we engage the practice the easier a commitment to doing this becomes, and in time this commitment becomes a part of our regular routine.

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