How Long Does It Take For Ho’oponopono To Work?

How long does it take for ho’oponopono to work? If by “work” we mean to demonstrate beneficial results, I believe ho’oponopono works as soon as the method is used. For those who may not be aware, ho’oponopono is performed through ongoing repetition of a mantra (there are various mantras used in ho’oponopono). This mantra repetition is believed to clear karmas — typically referred to in ho’oponopono as memories — that cause different life dysfunction.

Again, it is my belief that ho’oponopono demonstrates positive results as soon as it’s used. These immediate results are typically experiences similar to serenity and contentment. Over the long term, as memories get cleared through cleaning (mantra repetition) results can be perceived as a variety of positive life experiences — an improvement in health or financial circumstances, for instance.

The issue of results speaks to an important point within ho’oponopono, which is being free from expectations. In ho’oponopono the user is responsible for cleaning, and the results from the cleaning are left to Source (or however one wants to refer to this presence). This means ho’oponopono practitioners don’t concern themselves with how ho’oponopono is, or isn’t, working; they simply clean, and leave it at that.

This admonition of no expectations is often taken in one of two ways: it’s either seen as a relief because it frees from any responsibilities beyond cleaning; or it’s considered a cover for the ho’oponopono method not working to satisfaction — no expectations may be interpreted as a convenient excuse for disappointing results. So which is it really?

The answer is ultimately for the individual to decide. I am an advocate for the ho’oponopono method and do consider it to be an effective tool for life improvement. Ho’oponopono is not for everyone however: aside from being free of expectations using ho’oponopono involves ongoing mantra repetition — as close to all the time as is possible — and this may feel like too much work for some.

Having said that mantras are not unique to ho’oponopono and some people will find using them to be a simple alternative to the practices of other life improvement techniques. It really is a case of individual taste, which may explain why a variety of life improvement techniques exist in the first place: enough choice for everyone to find what best suits them.

In the case of ho’oponopono, is there a standard time frame whereby change, beyond initial serenity and contentment, shows up? I believe the answer to this question is no: there is no absolute time frame for life change to occur. But can any life help method guarantee an outcome within a particular time? I believe the answer to this question is also no. It would be preferable to many of us — or perhaps more accurately to our egos — if we could ensure a stop watch effect for change by using one method or another.

This, however, is not the way it works. I believe in the effectiveness of ho’oponopono, and other techniques as well, but the nature of all of them seems to be that results come when they do, and not before. If nothing else this gives us a chance to work on remaining in the present moment versus anticipating the future — this may also be part of the motivation for no expectations within ho’oponopono, to encourage staying present — as occupying the future often leads to dis-ease where being present, which is where Source is always found, usually brings peace.

A lack of a definitive time frame maintains as well the pleasant surprise when change finally does come, and this in turn provides the motivation and confidence to seek even more positive change.

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