How Effective Are Antidepressants?

An Inquiry: Are they worth taking if you have bad physical symptoms for a anxiety disorder?

How We Would Respond: Antidepressants really help some people; other people who take antidepressants don’t seem to get much help from them at all, and some people who take antidepressants experience quite bad side effects and so stop taking them. The only way, really, to know how you’ll respond to antidepressant treatment is to try it for yourself.

The belief here is that antidepressant therapy should not be a first choice because antidepressants work on changing body chemistry and body chemistry, in most cases, doesn’t cause depression and / or anxiety — thinking does.

If someone who is experiencing depression and / or anxiety works on their thinking in the¬†manner prescribed throughout this blog — generally speaking, by not accepting negative thinking as a certain truth — then they will likely find much relief… without the use of antidepressants.