How Can I Stop Feeling So Tired?

The experience of unwanted fatigue, often referred to as feeling tired, is such a common dilemma that it may even be epidemic. This experience of feeling regularly tired is probably most common to western industrial culture, where work commitments tend to be long and free time is rare. Is the problem then that people are simply working too hard without getting enough time for themselves?

I don’t discount overwork as a significant cause of frequently feeling tired. I believe there is another causation however, and addressing this particular cause can even bring solution to the problem of overwork. I’ll explain how so later in this writing. First, let me discuss this other cause of feeling tired that I mentioned.

If we became tuned in to our inner dialogue we might be quite surprised to learn just how often we — or, perhaps more accurately, our ego — engages in language that reinforces unwanted states of being.

I am poor. I am sick. I am fat. I am hopeless. And how about this one? I am tired.

Many people would claim that they are simply describing their circumstances in an accurate way whenever this sort of dialogue comes up. But this presumes that mental dialogue follows the life experience. What if, in fact, the life experience follows mental dialogue? In other words, what if this negative internal dialogue is not describing our life experience but is actually creating it?

It is generally accepted that humans are far too limited to genuinely affect the life experience through mental focus alone. The prevailing belief is that mental focus may alter our outlook in one way or another, but it does not influence the life experience in a significant way. In order for us to influence the life experience, most of us believe, we have to take physical action, and this action must typically be quite substantial if we’re really going to change our world.

I don’t agree with this outlook. I believe that we are not physical forms with consciousness, but are actually consciousness itself in physical form. To put this another way, we are Divine entities that take on a physical form as we move through the experience called life on earth.

This notion is a hard sell, I know. So rather than trying to convince people about the idea I propose this action instead: begin to build your world, through your mental focus, as you want your world to be. In the case of chronic fatigue, begin to mentally express the following: I am unlimited energy. Make a regular habit of mentally expressing this. If we are limited beings, as most of us presume, this expression should have small to no effect.

If, on the other hand, we are a powerful Divine source that creates our physical experience through our mental focus, then this new focus about unlimited energy should change our physical experience. Specifically, an experience of fatigue should be replaced by an experience of energy.

If we were to take this new mental focus strategy even further and apply it to all parts of our life experience, we should be able to affect other problems as well, such as the problem of overwork — if we really are a powerful Divine source, that is.

Why not try this mental focus strategy out for a time, and see for yourself what the results are? Consider what you really have to lose — and also what you might be able to gain.