Ho’oponopono And The Law Of Attraction: A Proper Combination?

There are people, like me, who are proponents of the ho’oponopono help method and the Law of Attraction (or intentional manifestation, as I often refer to this process). Since we deem both of these methods to be effective life enhancement measures, how about using the two of them in combination? Is this an acceptable practice?

Depends on who you ask.

I have never heard Law of Attraction (intentional manifestation) advocates or teachers advise against using the ho’oponopono practice. I have, however, heard ho’oponopono advocates and teachers advise against using the Law of Attraction.

Here’s why:

According to ho’oponopono teachers, some of them at least, the Law of Attraction contradicts ho’oponopono in two important ways. First, it interferes with Divine intervention. Ho’oponopono is used as a clearing tool, and through its use the Divine (or God, or Source, or however one would like to refer to this presence) is given clearance to move us into what is right and perfect for us.

What is right and perfect for us? We don’t consciously know: we use the ho’oponopono method and trust for the Divine to take us where we should go. When there is desire — and intentional manifestation is, essentially, a focused attempt to bring desires about — this is seen to interfere with Divine input.

We are, in effect, taking the reins back from God. It could also be said that we’re getting into the way instead of staying out of the way.

The other issue with using Law of Attraction in tandem with ho’oponopono — again, according to some ho’oponopono teachers — is that the subconscious becomes confused when multiple life help methods are put into practice. Coordination with the subconscious is an important part of the ho’oponopono practice, and there is an aim to keep things as clear and simple as possible.

A single help process and message, in other words — the message of ho’oponopono.

What’s my take on the ho’oponopono aversion to Law of Attraction? Honestly, I do see logic in the arguments being made. What’s essentially being proposed is to allow instead of interfering, and to be consistent in whatever process we use. There’s really nothing too controversial in either outlook.

Now as to whether we should accept these outlooks and not use ho’oponopono and Law of Attraction in combination, that is a decision that I believe the individual should make. Some people are entirely willing to, and even most comfortable with, handing over (so to speak) responsibility for the life process to a “higher power”.

Some spiritualists claim that life is, in fact, handling the details for us and that we operate under an illusion when we believe that we’re making the decisions. Could this illusion theory possibly be so? I believe it could.

On the other hand, some people have very clear desires that they’d like to experience and so would like a process to implement these desires. The Law of Attraction is exactly such a process.

I don’t think either approach — handing over or active desire seeking — is inherently right or wrong, and I believe there’s room for both. What about together? I suggest trying them, first separately and if this doesn’t feel optimal, then together.

If nothing else does, your direct experience will provide your answer about whether ho’oponopono and Law of Attraction should be used in tandem.

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