Ho’oponopono And EFT Together?

I have written about, and advocated the use of, ho’oponopono and EFT — but as separate methods. What about using these two processes in combination? It’s certainly possible, but is it a good idea? Before getting into that specifically, let’s discuss how we might go about using these methods together.

The first and most obvious way to use ho’oponopono and EFT combined is to practice ho’oponopono and also practice EFT. Ho’oponopono is different from EFT in that ho’oponopono is, ideally, practiced continually. Whatever ho’oponopono mantra we use, we endeavor to use it all the time as much as is possible.

We may practice EFT regularly but there’s no realistic way to practice it continually, or even close to continually. This leaves time, if we should be inclined, to use other practices — even ongoing practices like ho’oponopono.

Here are two possible approaches then: take a break from ho’oponopono practice every so often to engage some EFT; or keep our ho’oponopono practice going whenever we use EFT (repeat our ho’oponopono mantras as we stimulate meridian points).

Another approach is to not use ho’oponopono continually but repeat a ho’oponopono mantra during our EFT practice. If you do take this approach know that it’s not considered the proper practice of ho’oponopono to use the method only sporadically; proper practice of ho’oponopono is to use it on an ongoing basis.

So should we use ho’oponopono and EFT in combination? Depends upon who you ask.

Some ho’oponopono teachers claim that we shouldn’t combine ho’oponopono with other practices, because this creates confusion within the subconscious and ultimately dilutes ho’oponopono’s effectiveness. Is it true? Like many other spiritual questions this may be best answered through our own personal experience.

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