Does Ho’oponopono Really Work?

Does ho’oponopono really work? Yes, it works — in doing what it’s supposed to do. The question of whether ho’oponopono will work specifically for you depends upon your expectations.

If you want ho’oponopono to carry out its intended function you’ll be entirely satisfied with the method. If, on the other hand, you want ho’oponopono to fulfill your desires then you will probably be quite disappointed.

The natural question at this point, of course, is what is it that ho’oponopono is supposed to do?

Ho’oponopono has a single function (at least as I see it): bring the user to a state of internal silence. Within ho’oponopono this state of internal silence is sometimes referred to as the zero state, or simply zero. So what’s so significant about zero?

Zero is the unmanifested, the place of all possibilities, the place where the Divine resides. This Divine is a part of you: it is not external, it isn’t “out there”, it is you — or rather, you are it. Jesus spoke to this when he said ‘The Kingdom of God is within’.

Nearly all humans are completely disconnected from this Divine source. Why? Lack of internal silence. Even more specifically, the nonstop voice in our heads.

This voice in the head experience, something all humans can relate to, amounts to a nonstop stream of chatter — much of it involving judgment, criticism, and fear. There is also the internal experience of mental visuals or mental movies, with much of this being the same as the voice in the head: judgmental, critical, and fearful.

In truth these two experiences, the voice in the head and mental visuals, come from the ego. The ego is a collection of beliefs, values, roles, experiences, and more, rolled into an identification.

This is me. But it isn’t you.

The ego is only a veil, a temporary and false experience of self: look behind this veil and there you will find… you. And you — the authentic you — are a direct extension of the Divine.

(Divine may be referred to in different terms: the universe; consciousness; awareness; God; etc.)

You cannot know the real you as long as the ego is carrying on its noise. The ego’s nature is extreme insecurity, even when outward appearances suggest otherwise, and so it keeps itself in constant motion as a means of protection.

Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!

The activity of the ego blocks us from experiencing our authentic self. This presence of self is always there, much as the sun is ever present behind storm clouds. But how do we get beyond the clouds and into the sun?

Silence the ego’s noise. When there is quiet where the ego’s output once was, then we are able to experience the light.

This is the function of ho’oponopono: to bring silence — to clear the clouds so that the Divine light can shine through. Once we are in this Divinity presence then all things are possible.

This place is where your problems get resolved. But they won’t get resolved if you aren’t there — if you have gone back into the clouds, so to speak. And one sure way of knowing that we are out of the light is if the ego is speaking or acting through us.

I want this! I want this situation to be resolved in this way! This isn’t fair! It shouldn’t be this way! I need this or that!

And on it goes.

This is why a core principle of ho’oponopono is no expectations. Why? The expectations, the wants and desires, aren’t you. They are a product of the ego. And if the ego is in the way then our internal light of being will be blocked.

We’ll be back in the dark.

Keep your focus on staying in the light. When you are within the light then the miracles can happen. Jesus said ‘First seek the kingdom, and all else will be added’.

Get to the light. Stay in the light.

Ho’oponopono is one way for doing this.