Does God Ignore Starving Children

An Inquiry: Does god ignore the prayers of starving children?

How We Would Respond: There is plenty of suffering to be seen in the world; some of this suffering we experience for ourselves. Why is there so much suffering? Why do innocents suffer, like children who don’t have enough to eat?

Every day, multiple times per day, we decide for ourselves whether God’s will stands. It is not God’s will that there should be suffering; yet we proclaim suffering to be absolutely real. In such a case we are accepting our judgment as truth, and stating that the will of God is unreal or that the will of God has been overturned.

The foundation principle of A Course In Miracles is this: What contradicts the will of God is not so — is not real. The person who accepts this principle as their own truth is incredibly rare… for now. But A Course In Miracles does not equivocate one bit from this principle, no matter what people may believe.

We decide for ourselves what truth is; we decide for ourselves how much influence God does, in fact, have. Our believing it doesn’t make it certainly so, but it does make it so for us.